IMOCSkate was intially started during the summer of 2001 as a skateboard company. Our goal was to be able to offer quality handpainted skateboards at a discounted price, all while promoting skateboarding for what we believe it truely is...not some competitve sport, but rather something to go out and have fun with. The name, IMOCSkate, came to be because a great friend of mine growing up had the same outlook on skateboarding and unfortunately passed away in a terrible skateboarding accident in 1988. His name was Chris Kuzmak (you see him sitting on shoulder in the picture above), and therefor the name stand for "In Memory Of Chris Skate". Granted now we have all these different "extreme sports" competitions for skateboarding, for example, one of the more common and popular of them being the X-Games, which is great for giving skateboarding more exposure and popularity. But we need to remember, skateboarding shouldn't be about who is better than who, it's about having fun and enjoying the ride, either just cruising down the street, doing that 7 set of stairs, or carving that new bowl, it doesn't matter. Have fun and encourage other skaters to do the same. Think about it, how many sports competitions do you watch on TV and you see the other competitors cheering each other on? Not many, but you see it alot when you watch skateboarding. That's the essence of skateboarding.

     So with that in mind, that's what we started our skateboarding company around. Unfortunately, after some short time, we found that running the company and hand pai.nting each skateboard was taking too much time away from important things in our lives, such as friends, family, and of course our skateboarding. We decided to dissolve the skateboard company and just leave it as a skateboarding team. This way we can still continue to promote skateboarding for what we believe it should be...Having fun, just the way Chris loved skateboarding.

     We now are giving back to skateboarding buy offering skateboard lessons or classes, which ever you prefer to call them. The classes are designed mainly for beginners interested in learning how to skateboard. We go over basic board setup, safety equiptment, proper foot position, balance, pushing, turning, and some basic flat land tricks and well as basic ramp/lip tricks. You can click on the link below to find more about our skateboard lessons and/or to read about more on Chris.


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